Şişli Kittengarden

Filiz Kindergarden

Filiz Kindergarden is a charming nursery and daycare center located in Şişli, offering educational and care services for children aged 2 to 6. Since our inception in 1984, we have been dedicated to the education and development of our children, combining our accumulated knowledge and experience with the training of our expert staff, while placing emphasis on love and respect.

Robotic and Coding



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Creative Drama

Foreign Language

Sand Game


Music and Talent

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Family Counseling

In child education, the influence of both the family and preschool institutions is significant.


The menu of our school is a children's menu prepared by an expert dietitian.

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What is the starting age of kindergarten?

Children can start daycare from the age of 2.

When does school start?

School starts when it's time. It is not physiologically and cognitively appropriate for children to start school before they reach school age.

What is the difference between Nursery and Day Care Home?

Although day nursery is a Turkish word, the word nursery is a word of foreign origin. There is no difference between a kindergarten and a day nursery.

What are the Differences Between Kindergarten and Nursery?

Kindergarten and nursery are two completely different things. They should not be mixed with each other.

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When should toilet training start in children?

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contact with us

ADRESS Abide-i Hürriyet Caddesi Kocamansur Sokak No: 22 - Şişli İstanbul 34371 Türkiye TELEPHONE +90 212 247 23 71 E-MAIL info@filizcocukevi.com